Kerri’s friends sometimes call her Kiki, and although she can’t remember why, it stuck. As you can see, she also might have a small obsession with dressing up for Halloween. In a past life, she was an advertising copywriter. She’s still recovering.img_0986-collage

She likes iced mochas and corsets with gold plated eagle armor. She dislikes onions and jerk stores. They both stink.

Other notable things about Kerri: She’s mastered the art of Domestrickery, which is creating the illusion of a clean house, cooking skills and a June Cleaver-like patience for neighbor kids. None of that is true, but she does make pretty good cookies.

She lives in Michigan with her husband and nine-year-old son, who is in the thick of an Xbox One and Dan TDM obsession right now. Please send help… or at least call Candy Finnigan to get them on her schedule for an intervention. Kerri thanks you.